What We Believe

  • There is only one true God, who has revealed Himself as - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ is both fully divine and fully human, as proclaimed in Scripture (the Bible).
  • Every person is separated from God by sin, but can have everlasting life through a restored relationship with God by repenting and receiving Christ's offer of forgiveness, provided through his substitutionary death on the cross.
  • The 'Church,' both local and universal, is the Body of Christ and consists of all who, through the ages, have been redeemed by God.
  • The Scriptures are inspired by God and declare God's plan for humankind. They are authoritative and infallible in all they intend to teach.
  • The local church or body of baptized believers has been commissioned by Christ to proclaim, through word and deed, the good news of salvation to the entire world.
  • Jesus Christ is returning one day to gather all who are in heaven or on earth who belong to Him to be with Him forever in glory


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